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Micaela Giuseppone

Age: 41

Town/City: ROMA

Published Art: 7

Artist's ranking:

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Micaela Giuseppone was born in Rome, where he lives and works. Self-taught, young, his first exhibition in 2006. He has exhibited in Italy, China, America, Belgium, Spain, France, in Paris his last show at the Carousel du Louvre, in Barcelona Casa Batllo, the next exhibition in Lisbon.

One world, one represented by Micaela Giuseppone, made of profiles dancing, musical symphonies and hearts. Through a meaningful synthesis of signs, the pork has knowledge of the beauty of the world. A joyful world that does not know the wickedness of man. His subjects tell us a story, enter our world, to tell us about them. They are figures that evoke a feeling. The subjects are imbued with pathos and humanity, lay bare, in front of the observer, the overwhelming impetuosity of the feelings.

Salvatore Russo

BARCELONA \ aise \ - It opens Saturday, April 27, Barcelona Showcase 2013, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, which will display in the rooms of Casa Batllo, amazing building designed by Gaudi in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the works of Micaela Giuseppone. The Italian artist exhibits his works at Casa Batllo along with 122 other international artists selected by Global Art Agency for the occasion. The energy and movement are the hallmark of the artist, who exhibited in Italy and abroad with solo and group exhibitions. With his works he wants to express his feelings, saying how you can represent yourself by searching the concept of being the epitome of the spirit, as if we were in a dream.


"L'Espace Art Gallery in Brussels offers us the opportunity to discover the works of MICAELA Giuseppone. Autodidact Italian This artist uses color in a symbolic sense. This symbolism is represented by a scale of bright colors, like red, blue , yellow or green. A coloring that evokes love, passion (red), peace (blue), hope (green), warmth (yellow). Black is rarely present. This myriad of colors symbolizes the will to respond to the general malaise of our time. In his work, a color appears timidly but well enough to glorify a joyful atmosphere, or white. But white is not chosen at random. This color of 'innocence is that of Man, presented with an outline airy and light. This Man in flight that combines almost always ends of the canvas, also white - as if you join two ends of the same body (Earth) - has been designed with features described Synthetic solid, pleasantly reminiscent of certain figures of Matisse in his last period. "


"Sober balances ether imaginary Micaela Giuseppone are obstacles to urban scenarios timeless, suspended in the rhythm of the soul. Atmosphere of solidarity and varied colors harmonious space ancestral existence, generating a fluctuating forms of music in ' infinity of blue. interiority which are fragments of the dance gesture and color sigh so that we can hear the union in the world. The line moves in a constant game of spirals, seductive in its sinuosity and the softness of the sign. L ' human being is studied in its universality by means of an expressive language capable of grasping the finer nuances of communication between man and his social context.
The art of Micaela Giuseppone reminds us of the sense of sharing that the contemporary era is losing. "


"... Observing the works of Micaela Giuseppone you realize that its primary activity is to" paint his life "as he likes to say. When making an emotion" colored ", able to communicate their needs, feelings, feelings, expresses his soul ...
Listening to ... inner guidance, an act of profound introspection and attention to the needs of those who work before play, fishing in his unconscious experiences difficult to categorize called dreams, which do not have a material substance but using fragments of the Our experienced enough to be in the presence of dreams right ... "


"In the cultural melting pot that is the basis of contemporary art, there is a large group of young artists whose line of research is aimed at a political and social commitment of extreme importance and great success of public and critics. Among these items, often and willingly directed towards the condemnation of certain attitudes of the political powers or, for the same reason, the strapoteri of multinational companies, you can also place Micaela Giuseppone. "

"Micaela Giuseppone arises in respect of the canvas as if he were faced with a powerful tool of communication. The result is polychromatic paintings in which they always return some" figures "stylistic daughters of continuous research within the figurative languages. It 's so that in a starless sky shines a full moon rich in expressive will. Desire to communicate how the intimate reworked, canvases Micaela become fertile place where I omitted stylized. A call to Keith Haring, artist, researcher and advocate of urban subculture in the United States 80 years, the works of Micaela Giuseppone reminiscent of emotions, memories and civil judgment in a particular mixture of reason, feeling, and music. "

Michael Govoni (THE NEW FERRARA)


Intensity of color for a pictorial truth that runs along the edge of irony, lightness, and often even touching the affairs of the heart. Micaela Giuseppone is careful to have fun without being superficial, tackles tough issues such as abuse of women or the growth of "Planet China," recalls his passion for cinema in "Film of Life." "Thoughts Color" - Domi Art Gallery, his last works in which he recounts dreams crowded with dozens of characters floating.

Fabiana Mendia (The Messenger)

"The works of Micaela Giuseppone in the last 3 years have been exhibited all over the world to rave reviews in the United States, Spain and China. Giuseppone Micaela arrives from Rome and, in addition to painting, he has ventured successfully through other forms of 'art such as poetry and music. represent in fairy tales and dreams held firmly in the traditions of the family, recounting a dream world, mysterious, but always fun. "

THE NATION - Il Tirreno (Grosseto)

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